Traveling to Chile

Traveling to Chile can be fun and difficult at the same time. Fun because you have SO MANY choices. Difficult because you don't know where to start! As a Chilean myself I haven't been in all the places I would've liked to visit, and now being far away I ask myself why didn't I visit them before.

I could suggest many cities to visit, however, all I will say is that every part of Chile has its beauty and exotic areas, depending on what you are looking for and what you like.

Watch the video below with a sneak peek of Chile from North to South:

This is Chile is  a useful website where you can find bilingual information about the country, tips, traditions and suggestions for travelers.


People from Santiago are called "Santiaguinos" or "Capitalinos". Los capitalinos live a very busy life in the city. Between work, family, study and transportation, life gets really crazy and time for enjoyment is limited. This is why not everyone really pays attention to the things to do in the city. However, travelers do. 

Even though Santiago is polluted and has the same problems of many big metropolis around the world, I still love the history behind, the things to do and the fun areas around. Some Santiaguinos like to call it "Santiasco", which is  a made up word between Santiago and disgusting. However, I strongly disagree since I think Santiago has many things to offer. On the other hand, one of the business areas in Santiago, Vitacura, is called "Sanhathan" (after Manhathan) which I like it better than the other one. Although the transportation still needs to be improved, you can always move around the city using the subway (nice and clean) and not to worry about parking places or traffic. 

One of my favorite places to go is to the biggest city park in Latin America, Parque Metropolitano de Santiago,  and climb San Cristobal's Hill early morning.   You can always hike, bike or drive to the top of the hill. Once you are there, you MUST have a a glass of Mote con Huesillos as a reward for your effort, especially in Summer days. This drink is SO popular, that you can even buy it on the supermarkets as a dessert.

After that, and if you are still hungry, you can always go for lunch to el Mercado Central to enjoy fresh seafood or traditional Chilean food.  Walking around this place is very fun since you get to see traditional folklore characters such as "chinchineros" and Chilean Arts, Crafts and musicians.

Of course these are not the only two places you could visit in Santiago. Some others are: La Moneda, La Plaza de Armas de Santiago, La Catedral, El Museo Histórico, La Plaza Italia, El Cerro Santa Lucía, El Barrio Lastarria, El Parque Bicentenario and many more.
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