Gardens at School

I have shared this amazing new way of gardening many times before in different ways. This time I want to share the big effort that exists behind this work. Because having a TG at school calls for team work, a sense of innovation and most importantly, love for teaching.  

My friend Paola –who is a teacher just like me– came to my house once to check the TG I have talked to her about for such a long time. After listening to me and other experienced teachers in the field using the TG,  she realized that having a TG in the classroom was her next goal for the 2015-16 school year. She was super excited with what she saw, especially with the many possibilities to use it in her own classroom.  

With support from the principal, she and I worked together since last September, applying for different grants, including the PTO. We were so happy to hear when the PTO approved our application and granted us enough money to get one TG.


Although this was good news to us, students and teachers, we were still very short in TG's for 7 first grades!  So we decided to keep trying through other grants and patiently waited for some positive responses. It was in the middle of February when we found out that the foundation in the district  granted us enough money to get more TG's!  This is now enough money to purchase 5 TG's for the first grade level.

So now, the order has been processed and we can't wait to have the 5 TG's up and running at school!

Click here if you want to read more about the Tower Garden.

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