Back to School SALE in my TPT and TN stores

This upcoming school year I have a sale going on in my TPT store and I have also opened a store in The Teacher's Notebook.  Both sales are on August 1st and 2nd, 2016 for a 20% off in each entire store. So if you want to find good deals for your classroom, this is your chance! Think ahead, plan and save money now. 

Keep in mind:

1. Free Accounts. In order to enjoy all the benefits of these two stores you must create a FREE account in both; Teachers Pay Teachers and The Teacher's Notebook. 

2. Save Money! If you go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store, make sure you use the code BestYear at checkout. You don't need any code for my Teacher's Notebook store since the discount has already been applied.   

2. Your feedback is important! In Teachers Pay Teachers, you can earn TPT points every time you give feedback to the products you purchase from any store, including mine. What are they good for? well,  you can use those points to receive discounts at check out. I have had up to $6.00 in discount for my feedback. So your opinion is important and also paid! Don't forget to leave a comment and feedback when you purchase from my store. 

3. Don't forget to check the FREEBIES! I have many products for free in my TPT and TN stores. Just click  FREE in the search area and enjoy. You can also enjoy freebies from other stores as well. 

4. Stay in touch. If you follow my stores (or others), you will be the first one to know once a new product as been published, freebies, sales going on, product improvement, etc. Sometimes I add pages to my products in order to improve them, this means if you purchase that product, you will be able to download the newer version of it at no extra cost for you. Make sense?  

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