Copa América: We Are The Champions

One of the most important sports in Chile and South America is Soccer. Chile recently hosted the Copa America tournament in 2015, which is one of the most prestigious and most widely viewed sporting events in the world. Last year was especially important because Chile won this competition for the first time.

Copa America Centenario was the most recent soccer tournament and it was hosted by the USA this year. We had many games around the country, and of course the excitement was huge among the hispanic community. 
The competition was a celebration of the centenary of CONMEBOL and the Copa América, and was the first Copa América hosted outside of South America. Chile was, again, the winner, giving the the country the right to participate in the Confederation Cup 2017. 

Chile has different soccer teams in the country. Some of them are:

1. Chile National Soccer Team 
3. Colo-Colo
4.Universidad de Chile
5. Universidad Católica
6. Palestino
7. Unión Española
8. O'Higgins
9. Santiago Wanderes
10. Audax Italiano 

Some of the best players are: 

Alexis Sánchez
Eduardo Jara
Claudio Bravo
Arturo Vidal
Gary Medel
Iván Zamorano
Marcelo Salas

Chileans are well known for being proud of their country and people. Every time Chile is playing a soccer tournament, chileans get together and cheer for their team and country land with passion. The video below shows how much respect and love they have when it come to sing the national anthem no matter where they are:

Some Soccer words is Spanish are:

el gol - goal
defensa- - defender
el arquero - goalkeeper
el árbitro - referee
definicion por punto de penales/penalty shout out
punto penal- - penalty spot
el penal/tiro penal/penalti- penalty kick
el medio tiempo - half time
la tarjeta roja - red card
la tarjeta amarilla - yellow card
la expulsión - to send off (a player)
el jugador - player
el primer tiempo - first half
el segundo tiempo - second half
el banquillo - bench
campeonato- - championship
el equipo - team
el equipo visitante - away team
el terreno de juego - field of play
el tiro/saque de equina - corner kick
el tiro libre - free kick
el goleador - goal scorer
el saque de puerta - goal kick
el centrocampista - midfield scorer
pasar/ el pase - pass
el estadio - stadium
el balón/ la pelota - ball
la red - net
el entrenador - coach
el torneo - tournament
el resultado final - final score
el hincha/el seguidor - supporter
el empate - draw
las gradas - terrace
la mano - hand
el travesaño - crossbar

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