Christmas In Other Lands: Pan de Pascua

I am happy to participate in MKB Christmas in Different Lands this year. The main topic this year is a favorite Christmas recipe. 
Chile has several food traditions around the Holidays and all of them are yummy. My favorite one is Pan de Pascua
People in Chile celebrate Christmas eve (Nochebuena) on December 24th and Christmas day (Navidad) on December 25th. Children open the presents on Christmas Day, a few minutes after 12am. People greet each other saying  Feliz Navidad or Feliz Pascua for Merry Christmas. Although Pascua means Easter, people use this word during Easter and Christmas time. I know, it is different. In any event, we have Pan de Pascua for Navidad. Just to give you an idea, Pan de Pascua is similar to Panettone or Fruit Cake. 
I can't take all the credits for this post since the recipe is not mine, the last time I made Pan de Pascua I took the recipe from En Mi Cocina Hoy, which is a bilingual blog about Chilean food. 
I loved the way they tasted and I made enough to give them as  present for my dear friends and neighbors. 
If the recipe doesn't turn out the way you want, you can always get pre-made Pan de Pascua from this store here in the USA, but you know homemade recipes are better, right? 
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El milagro de la primera flor de Nochebuena

We all see beautiful poinsettias all over during Christmas time, but not everyone knows where this tradition comes from. This is why I wanted to introduce the book El Milagro de la primera flor de Nochebuena to my class. 

During our reading comprehension block, my students have been learning about Literary Elements, such as, characters, setting, problem, solution, beginning, middle and end. This book was perfect to review these elements, and also to introduce Christmas tradition's season. 

In addition to Literary Elements, we also reviewed some basic parts of a book, such as, cover, back, tittle, author and illustrator. We still need to work on nonfiction books!

Key vocabulary

Characters - Personajes
Setting - Lugar/ escenario
Problem - Problema
Solution - Solución
Beginning - Inicio
Middle - Parte media/desarrollo
End - Final

As a closing activity, my class was able to create their own Poinsettias. I took the pattern from this website, if you are interested. I just used red and green construction paper to create the flowers and a few yellow squares in the middle. 

Entrada destacada

La anunciación de la Virgen María