Sopaipillas chilenas

Sopaipillas,  sopapillas, sopaipas or cachanga are very popular between the hispanic people, especially in Chile, Perú, Argentina and Bolivia. This quick bread made out of leavened wheat flour, shortening and pumpkin is one of my favorites desserts during winter time.  

Some people like to think of sopaipillas as a doughnut or fried pastry. They are very similar to picarores and calzones rotos which they are also recipes form South America. 

The tradition in Chile is to make sopaipillas during winter  days, especially if it's raining. The shape is usually round with 2-3 holes in the middle or some fork's marks.  Some people like to have them with pebre (which is a type of spicy salsa made out of onion, tomato cilantro and banana pepper), mustard or chancaca sauce (made our sugar cane). 

Chancaca is not very common in the USA and can be difficult to find. Gringalicious has a post about how to make it in case you don't have any at home or close by. If you want to buy chancaca, check this web site with Chilean products in the USA or try Amazon.

When you use chancaca to soak the sopaipillas, then you'll be eaten sopaipillas pasadas.

There are many recipes of sopaipillas out there, however, I think this one from All is the best match of a Chilean one, especially for pumpkin season! 

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