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Posters to decorate your Spanish Classroom

I took the poems and verses from the Chilean National Anthem and many other traditional food and games from Chile. I know there are many other things to add, however, I wanted to share this first.  Some of the resources I used to create this product are just to inspire my time while working on this. It is an online radio with music from Chile only and NO Commercials! The other resources I used is and Merlisa Blog.

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Dibujos animados en Español

There are many cartoons in Spanish that helps improve listening comprehension. I can think of many tittles that we ca find on TV right now. However, this time I want to write about a few of my favorite childhood cartoons. I am sure many of you will recognize the names and will probably have flashbacks of you own childhood. If these cartoons are not familiar to you well, let me introduce you to the best children's soap operas EVER!

Candy Candy

The first cartoon or anime is Candy Candy. This is the story of a very sweet orphan girl who experiences love, loss, happiness and real friendship. The story teaches positive messages about life in general and delivers funny and moving moments from a child perspective. It can be used as part of a teaching process, such as comprehension skills, emotions and Spanish of course.  

By the way the songs in this cartoon are HIGHLY contagious and child friendly, why not to use them in your daily Spanish practice?

The language is Spanish is from Argentina. I found the first part in Youtube. I am sure you can find the second part as well. Otherwise you can always go by episode. Below is the intro and ending song and the first part:


Similar to Candy, Heidi is also full of moving moments. She is also an orphan, but she lives with her Grandfather.  The language is Spanish is from Spain, a bit different from Candy, but it is good "to educate the ear" with different accents. You can easily find all of the episodes starting from episode one: 

And here is the intro, which is also contagious!


Marco is a boy whose mission is to search for his mother. He experiences different adventures along the way and meets many kind people. The language is Spanish from Spain. Here is the intro and first:


Remi is a sensitive boy, very talented singer and musician. He and Mr. Vitali visit different towns
performing in front of people. Working with Mr. Vitali he learns to love animals and music. The story setting is in France, however, the language is Spanish. The story is full of adventures and touching moments. 


Angel is a very sweet and kind girl who loves animals. Her mission is to find "The seven colors flower" (La flor de siete colores). In order to find it, she goes around the world in company of her animal friends using a magic key. It is set in France and the language is Spanish from Spain.  

El Galáctico y el Vengador

These two cartoons are mostly for boys, but I must confess that I also watched them. They are both set in the the space and they try to defeat evil forces with good. 

I know there are many more, but I think I would leave it for a second post.  I hope you have fun watching these cartoons!

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