Traditional Nursery Rhymes and Games From South America Part II

This post is dedicated to games only.  Being that there are so many traditional games out there, I will continue with even more ganes in a third post.  Stay tuned if you want to refresh your memory!

I would have written and explained every single one of them, however, I feel the videos below are very self explanatory, even if you don't speak Spanish. 

Caballito Bronze

This game needs between 8-10 players. Generally men, but not exclusive to them. I remembered playing this game with girls only. ;)  

Half of the players will have to create "human tables" creating a line and holding each other's legs.  The first one uses a pole as a support. The rest of the players will have "to mount" the "human table" until they resist counting to 11. If one of the "human tables" does not resist, they lose and they have to do it again. On the contrary, if they resist, it's time to switch places.

La Payaya

To play this game you need five small stones or tokens and speed skills. See the videos to learn how to play.

Corre el Anillo

Between 5-6 children sit next to each other with their hands in a prayer position, but horizontally. 

Another player has a ring between his/her hands in a prayer position as well. This player uses his/her hands to go through each player's hands and sing the song, and carefully, give the ring to one of the players without being caught by the others. Watch this short video to see how it works: 

Corre el anillo
 por un portillo
pasó un chiquillo
 comienzo huesillos.

¡A todos les dio,
 menos a mí!

 Eche prenda 
señotira o caballero
 ¿quién lo tiene de usted?

El Luche

This game has different names depending on the country:

Spain: tejo, calderón, cox cox, futi, traquenele, telazarranea, reina mora, pata coja, infernáculo, pitajuela, mariola.

Argentina: rayuela

Colombia: golosa o carroza.

Portugal: juego del diablo o juego del hombre muerto.

Italy: mundo

Venezuela: el juego de la Vieja.

México: avión o bebeleche.

El Elástico

For this game you need a rubber band (or a pantyhose) tied at the ends, and three players. The length of the rubber band depends on how big is your space and how flexible the band is.

Two of the players hold the rubber band between their legs and the third one jumps according to the version they are playing.

During this game you may find:

a) Jump inside and then outside of the rubber band.

b) Jump and leave the legs outside the rubber band. The rubber band will stay inside the legs.

c) Stepping in the rubber band with one feet.

d) As the game goes on, the players holding the rubber band should raised the height to increase the difficulty. The height can be at the heel, knee, thigh and waist.

Mi Sala Amarilla has pictures to explain how each version of the game works. You can also watch this video to understand some more:

Wish you have them ready to print, paste, use?

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