Games Around the Globe

We all remember games from our childhood and how much fun we used to have playing with friends. Growing up we didn't need any iPad or tablet  to keep us entertained. It seems such a long time since that happened. I used to play so many games that I can barely remember all the names. 

Globe Trottin' Kids did a good job gathering children's games around the globe, and I am glad to see  familiar names such as Loteria (Spanish) and Rayuela.  

Some of the games are not exactly what I remember from my childhood, however, I always keep in mind that games can have variations depending on the country. 

What I like about Games Around the Globe, is that the directions are easy to follow and each game comes with all the materials need it, including game cards, game boards, dice and more. 

I this 87-pages TPT product you can find 35 games ready to use from 23 different countries. Excellent resource for Social Studies, Summer Activities or Homeschooling. All of that for only $10.00 in Teachers Pay Teachers

If you are interested in adding some language to your games unit, you might be interested in this product as well. Check this post for more info. 

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