El día de San Valentín es el día del amor y la amistad

I have found some fun tools to use for Valentine's day. This fun site lets you write your favorite poem, love song or any love writing. Once you click layout text, you'll find your writing shaped into a heart!

 I have use one of my favorite songs from Mazapán. 


Here are some games to play during Valentine's Day. And this website has some more. 


These two websites are very good if you want your students to collect poetry, nursery rhymes, tongue twisters, riddles, etc. 

Something fun to do with this is  to have a recipe box and index cards to collect all of your (or your students) findings. I used to do this with second graders and they didn't want to stop. Every day we had literacy centers where they had the chance to search on the computer for riddles, poems, tongue twister, etc. Every "intermission" was an opportunity to share what they found with the class. 

Expand or Practice Vocabulary

The two websites below are good to practice vocabulary of any topic. Your students just need to enter the vocabulary they want to practice and create beautiful shapes or word clouds. 

Songs about Friendship

And finally, learning songs in Spanish will add some movement to your poetry lesson. Check the videos below. 
Un Millón de Amigos por Roberto Carlos

Amigos por Los Enanitos Verdes

Amigos por Juanes

Nadie como tú por LODVG

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